Film photography is making a comeback and WE'RE LOVING IT!

We live in such a fast-paced world that's ruled by digital technology... but we've lately noticed that there's a nostalgic resurgence of film photography, especially when it comes to capturing the timeless moments of a wedding day. And we're so DOWN with that. In more recent years, and especially since having our daughter, we've really tried to slow down and live in the moment so we have often resorted to our film cameras rather than our digital ones to capture our little family life on Prince Edward Island.

Humans are increasingly drawn to the allure of film for its unique aesthetic and its ability to evoke nostalgia, as well as the hands-on, artisanal process involved in its development. It's not only a small nudge to the past, but also a deliberate choice to infuse moments with an authentic, timeless quality. The grainy texture, soft hues and warmth, as well as the gentle imperfections of film create a distinctive look that stands apart from those sharp and perfected digital images. In an era where everything can be instantly shared and replicated, film offers a tangible and authentic feel that resonates deeply with those seeking a genuine connection to the past. There's no other image like the one you're looking at.

Nostalgia plays a significant role in the resurgence of film photography at weddings. Couples are captivated by the idea of preserving their special day in a manner reminiscent of their parents or their grandparents. Who hasn't looked at their families' photo albums over and over? Film captures the romantic essence of moments, embracing the imperfections and unpredictability that add a unique charm. This timeless quality not only transports couples back to the era of classic romance but also ensures that their wedding photos will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

What sets film photography apart is not just the end result but the meticulous, hands-on process involved in its creation. The lengthy development process, done entirely by hand, adds a sense of artistry and craftsmanship to each image. From loading the film to the careful selection of aperture and shutter speed, every step is a deliberate, artistic choice. The anticipation that builds during the waiting period for film development creates a sense of excitement and value that is often lost in the instantaneous digital age (but SO WORTH IT!). Sean is involved in every step of the process and we have loved offering to photograph our couples with film. The deliberate and thoughtful nature of shooting on film encourages a slower, more intentional pace and happens organically too.

Choosing to add rolls of film for your wedding day is a conscious decision to step away from the fast-paced digital world for a minute in order to embrace a slower, more deliberate approach to photography. It's an investment in artistry, nostalgia, and the creation of images that not only reflect the beauty of the present moment but also stand the test of time. In a world that often rushes past the beauty of the moment, film photography invites us to pause, appreciate, and savor the magic of weddings in a way that is truly timeless.

We love carrying both digital and films cameras to give you that FEEL you're looking for! You can add rolls of film to any of your sessions or packages; we shoot both 35mm and 120mm rolls.


Vee & Sean