Above Photos by Scarlet O'Neill


We're Vee and Sean. We’re the ones photographing your story, the two humans behind cameras.

We’re in love and this is who we are:

We're probably two of the chilliest people you’ll ever meet. We’re both pretty down-to-earth and we live a simple yet wholehearted life on Prince Edward Island, although we do often fly back to our second home, Toronto. This is where we met, where we fell in love and where this baby of a love project was born: OUT OF LOVE, LITERALLY.

We are partners in life and we’re totally in this together. If we’re not shooting weddings, you can find us binge-watching The Office, adventuring outside, cuddling with our kid watching Paw Patrol and our doggo Hazel or making super precise coffees (it’s a science, okay?). We’re always up for travel and exploring and we're at our most inspired in unknown places and new environments. We’re the type of people that will drop EVERYTHING just to pet dogs on the sidewalk, we’re kinda obsessed with lobster rolls and hanging out at the Island’s red sand beaches (find us there at 4:20 :P)

We just don’t take each other too seriously and we’re so ready to go on this wild ride with you! And don’t be weirded out if we end up being such good friends that you can't get rid of us.

Some of our favourite things:

  • Our daughter's wide grin when she says "Cheese" for the camera
  • Smelling the fresh ocean breeze and feeling the cold on our faces
  • Richard's lobster rolls and fries
  • Our tofu dish that we literally make every week (we'll email you the recipe if you want!)
  • Late-night drives to get A&W Beyond Meat burgers
  • Snuggling with Hazel on weekends watching Netflix documentaries
  • Photo adventures in secret Island spots
  • Eggs Benny (w/ our famous hollandaise)
  • Cocktails and good wine
PEI wedding photographers sitting on floor and laughing together.

Hey! I'm Sean (he/him)

I'm a PEI native and I've been a photographer for as long as I can remember. I've also never NOT had a beard (psst... it's also ginger & ombré). I like riding bikes in the city, craft cocktails, drinking and making them. I love hitting good coffee shops and I've lately developed a passion for botany. Fermenting my own cider and natural wine has changed my life, seriously it's so good, and I'll talk your ear off if you let me! I've probably watched every submarine/naval movie there is and you can often find me slinging cocktails at home when we're entertaining friends or family! I'm East Coast vegetarian and like watching The Office or Seinfeld when I'm deep into cooking meals for our family.

Favourite snack: Green SunChips or pickled onions...

Favourite drink: Cocchi Americano & Soda Highball with a Lemon Twist

Hi! I'm Vee (she/her)

Born and raised in Montreal, I've lived many places and am a professional translator (that's my day job LOL). I love waking up alongside my daughter and making myself a cappuccino as soon as I can. I love the sound of rain falling. Hiking and the outdoors are my second home (even in the winter) and it's probably why I'm so passionate about sustainability and why I try to compost EVERYTHING. I've had a pink hair phase, my skin counts 17 tattoos and I'm not stopping. You'll need to get a drink into me if you wanna hear my French accent come out real quick. Also East Coast vegetarian and I'm a real sucker for love.

Favourite snack: Do nachos count?

Favourite drink: Suze & tonic

Hi! I'm Paloma Iris

AKA P$ Money, Palomi baloney or just P, I'm now two years old and just starting to talk a lot more. I love getting my photo taken (on most days) and slides are my fave. I live and breathe Paw Patrol and am very funny and generous. I keep my parents very busy during the summer and never stop (really, she doesn't LOL).

Favourite snack: Tortilla chips

Favourite drink: Apple juice (watered down mom said)

Woof! I'm Hazel (she/her)

My nicknames are Skunky, Schrew, Hazelbutt and I'm a 6 year old sassy Golden doodle living and loving life on PEI. I love to chew and if I'm sneaky enough, eat sticks, and swimming in the ocean (during any season, which is something my folks don't like too much cause I get so dirty)!

I don't photograph weddings, but I'm an integral part of my parents' lives. I sit on my dad's lap when he spends countless hours editing your photos and I proof all your images too!

I've had people inquire about renting me for their day and I can be available if we get along too.

Favourite snack: Anything that falls on the ground.

Favourite drink: Water

Portrait of golden doodle puppy Hazel of Maison Blanche Weddings.