September 22, 2022

The unpredictability of nature can often disrupt even the most well-planned events. This was the case for GB & Tom, who had planned their wedding for the weekend that Hurricane Fiona was predicted to hit Charlottetown. As the date drew closer and the forecast grew more ominous, the couple made the difficult decision to cancel their big day but they refused to let the hurricane dampen their spirits, and instead opted for an elopement at Confederation Centre for the Arts. They contacted us last minute on the Wednesday before that dreaded Saturday storm to see if we were free to photograph their intimate ceremony. And we were!

With most of their family and friends already in town for the wedding, the couple quickly arranged for a ceremony at the elegant venue just days before the storm hit. Gina Beth looked stunning in a cream suit, while Tom sported a classic suit. They exchanged vows in front of a small gathering of loved ones, including their parents, siblings, and closest friends. The intimate setting and meaningful ceremony made for a truly memorable occasion, although we still couldn't wait to photograph their postponed big wedding in November of that same year.

The Confederation Centre for the Arts proved to be the perfect backdrop for their elopement and they were able to accommodate GB & T in just days. The venue's stunning architecture and modern surroundings provided the ideal setting for their special day. As they exchanged rings and said their "I dos," their love for one another was palpable. And we just couldn't believe how calm, cool and collected they were about getting married a couple of days before.

To GinaBeth and Tom, your Charlottetown city elopement reminded us that sometimes the most memorable moments happen when we least expect them. And if you find yourself faced with unexpected challenges, remember that love matters over everything else.


Vee & Sean