July 28, 2023

Shelley & Tyler's small elopement at the Fairholm Boutique Inns in Charlottetown was nothing short of amazing. From the moment we pulled up, the space and the people embraced us with a sense of warmth, making us feel right at home. The relaxed, calm, and serene environment set the perfect tone for a day free of stress, allowing them to truly bask in the joy of their union.

Choosing Prince Edward Island as their destination wedding before embarking on a journey to Germany, Shelley & Tyler found an intimate haven at the Fairholm Inns. The secluded area provided a perfect backdrop for their vows, making it a place to remember. It's the kind of setting that allows love to take center stage, where every detail is carefully thought of. The outdoor lighted pergola, stone walkways and gardens offered a stunning outdoor venue. The historic charm of the Inn blended seamlessly with the natural beauty, creating a picturesque setting for a celebration of love.

From the pressed floral name tags, a thoughtful touch from Shelley's mom, to the curated dinner menu featuring some of PEI's finest culinary delights, this small wedding was a testament to the couple's love and the close-knit circle of family and friends who shared in their love.

As wedding photographers, we thrive on capturing the essence of smaller gatherings like Shelley & Tyler's elopement. The stolen glances, the shared laughter, and the genuine emotions unfolded amidst the historic beauty that surrounded us. Here, the venue transcends its role as a backdrop; it becomes a character in the unfolding love story, adding depth and significance to every photograph. We cherish those moments and we are taken right back to their day when we look through their gallery.

And in an unexpected twist of fate, our recommendation for Richard's Fresh Seafood lobster rolls led us to an impromptu reunion with Shelley & Tyler the next day at wharf at Covehead Beach. It was a coincidence that felt serendipitous, and we all shared in the joy of filling our bellies with some amazing PEI lobster together. It's moments like these that make us grateful to be a part of the magical stories that unfold in the charming corners of Charlottetown.


Vee & Sean